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DELHI OPEN UNIVERSITY is India's largest and fastest growing Online Learning Platform. Developed in Public Private Partnership with several National Universities, since its inception DELHI OPEN UNIVERSITY has reached out to students across 5 continents, delivering quality University accredited Continuing Education and Executive Education Programs. Using the power of the Internet, the DELHI OPEN UNIVERSITY platform connects students and working professionals around the world to Professors and Faculty from some of our Nation’s finest Institutions. Regular Virtual Classroom sessions on the Web, Continuous evaluation and learning delivered via our Learning Management System, and a rock solid learner support team working to address student issues and queries round the clock ensures that our Students find themselves well equipped to face the challenges of rejoining the University education system. The majority of our student population are working professionals, in their 30's and 40's, typically work in a Multi National Corporation (both Indian and Global), and are well positioned in their companies, with management or technical lead responsibilities. Student profiles such as these make it even more imperative that our Student/Learner Support Systems are geared to help our Learners in handling the issues and challenges they face while in the Program. A recent poll conducted by DELHI OPEN UNIVERSITY showed that 97% of our students were extremely satisfied with their decision of joining a DELHI OPEN UNIVERSITY Program, and an astounding 97.8% of the student population would happily recommend a DELHI OPEN UNIVERSITY Online Program to friends and family. This sentiment is amply reflected in the fact that more than 50% of our new student enrollments are from referrals. The DELHI OPEN UNIVERSITY platform is cloud based, with technology presence across the world, and is managed out of the DELHI OPEN UNIVERSITY offices in New Delhi India

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